Flood risk insurance for static caravans

When taking out insurance for your static caravan there are many things that have to be taken into account and benefits that you would want to ensure you had in your caravan cover? One of the things you would want to make sure was included in the policy is flood risk insurance for static caravans.

It can be well worth making sure that you have flood risk insurance in your policy even if the static site you choose to put your caravan on is not particularly at risk of flooding. Should torrential rain occur for example, as you cannot rely on the British weather, then you might suffer some damage and if you did have flood cover in your policy you would be able to make a claim on your cover.

In areas that are prone to flooding then flood risk insurance for static caravans is a must have. Some providers might give you so much flood cover in with your static insurance policy but other providers might ask that you pay out more to have this valuable protection added in. You should always check within the small print of the policy to find out what the maximum payout would be if you were to have to claim due to flooding. Flooding can cause an enormous amount of damage to your caravan and belongings so a policy containing flood cover would generally cost more than one without. Of course if you have sited your caravan on a site that is known to flood and has in the past then your insurance premiums would be higher than if there was not such a big risk.



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