New Airstream unleashed at the London Caravan Show

The London Caravan Show is a mecca for caravan lovers wanting to get a sneak peak at the latest developments in the world of caravanning. There’s always plenty to see and much caravan news to be a part of, and this year one of the highlights was the unveiling of the new Airstream.

The iconic and instantly recognisable Airstream vehicles are known for their superior styling and exquisite design, and it isn’t surprising that these award-winning trailers are lusted after the world over. And, in response to customer demand for a bigger, family model of aluminium trailer the brand has just launched the five-berth International 685 onto the market, and visitors to the Caravan Show were given the first exclusive look inside.

The modern and slightly futuristic interior screams quality and style, and the sleek lines and clever layout make it look (and feel) incredibly spacious to ensure the whole family can relax in complete comfort. With three fixed bunks at the rear and a clever partition it allows a children’s bedroom to be instantly created, with the traditional double or twin single beds at the front allowing for privacy, space and a chance to feel more like home. A spacious kitchen, bathroom and living area only adds to the comfort, and with a surprising amount of storage (including increased wardrobe space and five bedroom drawers) you’ll have everything you need for a great family holiday.

But, this wasn’t the only model to be showcased at the event. The US brand also unveiled the Series 2 534, a smaller model to the 685 but still incredibly roomy for such compact proportions, and with the same commitment to quality and style you’ve got a trailer that ticks all the boxes. As for price—well, the International 685 is set to start at just under £56k with the Series 2 534 being just shy of £44k, and whilst certainly not cheap it’s a small price to pay for the level of spec you’ll be getting.

Airstream knows all about meeting customer demand which is why they’re continually innovating to offer something for everyone, and we were incredibly excited to hear about this latest piece of caravan news. The latest incarnation means that a family of five can travel together in luxurious comfort and style, so if you weren’t lucky enough to get to the show make sure to keep an eye out for somewhere to view these aluminium beauties and you could well be tempted to invest.


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