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Static caravan insurance

  • Compare static caravan insurance with our panel of specialist providers and benefit from their professional knowledge gained over many years of providing static caravan insurance.
  • With a panel of leading UK specialist insurers and brokers, our aim is to provide the most competitively priced policies within the UK static caravan market.
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Static Caravan Insurance Considerations

When taking out static caravan insurance, as with any other form of insurance, it is important to know precisely what you require in order to compare quotes most effectively. This will ensure you get the best cover at the best possible price.

What type of cover do you need?

New for Old cover will replace any items that are damaged or stolen as new, where as Market Value cover will insure your Static Caravan for the current market value. If you have carried out major improvements to your static caravan that have increased the value to more than that of a standard model, some providers may allow you to insure for ‘agreed values’. As always, there may be limits and exclusions to all these types of cover so check all these facts thoroughly before taking out any static caravan.

What contents are covered?

For many, static caravans are a holiday home – almost a second home. It is therefore essential to find out what contents are covered under the insurance policy. It often is that certain high-risk items such as jewellery and laptops are excluded unless stated.

Do I have extreme weather cover?

You may want to check whether or not your static caravan insurance offers cover for storm damage such as lightning, falling trees or branches or flooding of the caravan park. Although it can seem unlikely, it is always better to be on the safe side for that extra piece of mind.

Will you be renting your Static Caravan out?

If you are considering renting out your static caravan, check to see if rental loss will be covered should the caravan be damaged. You could stand to lose a great deal of rental income unless you can make a claim for it on your static caravan insurance policy.

How can I reduce my premium?

In short, the safer your caravan is seen to be then the more savings you could make on the insurance premium. For example, fitting smoke alarms will help reduce the sum as will installing a burglar alarm as a deterrent to thieves.

The cheapest insurance is not necessarily going to give you the best cover, so be sure to read the small print when making comparisons. It isn’t easy choosing the correct static caravan insurance policy, therefore here at we aim to compare the best prices for you!

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