Touring Caravan Security

Your touring caravan can easily cost thousands, and much like all other expensive purchases, it makes sense to protect your investment. Insurance is an essential consideration of anyone who owns such a vehicle but you’ll of course need to think of more practical measures to keep your caravan safe as well, and luckily there are a whole range of security devices you could invest in.

The most basic consideration when it comes to touring caravan security is the hitchlock. This ensures that your caravan is fully secured to your car at all times, thereby preventing the possibility of it being stolen when you pull over or leave the vehicle unattended for a short while. Many insurance policies stipulate that you’ll need this device in place before they’ll even offer cover, and failing to have it secured can result in a nullified policy.

But, it’s often wise to look for more in-depth levels of protection. Burglar alarms and secure locks are always necessary (it’s a home away from home, so why treat it any different?) and you might also want to consider satellite tracking devices. These can be invaluable and can help get your caravan back should it be stolen, and they can act as a great deterrent to would-be thieves. You’ll need to think about security when you’re not on the road as well, and having somewhere safe to store your caravan over the winter months is essential.

The best thing about taking proper security measures is that it can often result in reduced premiums. Insurers know that if your caravan is more secure you’ll be less of an insurance risk and can therefore pass on savings accordingly, and you could well save a great deal of money over the years. You’ll be protecting your investment whilst having extra cash in your pocket at the same time, so never forget the importance of touring caravan security and you won’t have anything to worry about.



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